Daylight Goes Digital 

“I couldn’t be any happier with our relationship.” 

Cesar Villegas
Daylight Corrugated


On either side of the border between Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, TX there are a significant number of sheet plants all competing to serve the needs of numerous manufacturing segments that thrive in this cross-border environment. Daylight Corrugated is a Juarez-based sheet plant, in operation since 2000 and with a successful relationship with Georgia-Pacific Santa Teresa, NM for supply of sheets. This relationship with GP was expanded in 2021 when Daylight Corrugated was introduced to GP Hummingbird® and their digital print capabilities. This expansion of an existing and successful collaboration has allowed Daylight Corrugated to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market using the unique value that only GP Hummingbird is able to provide. 

Daylight Corrugated is owned by Alfonso Villegas Belmar and employs over 100 people. Cesar, Alfonso’s son and Head of Sales tells the story of how they were hesitant to use digital technology as a solution for their high-graphics packaging needs: “We had very little knowledge about digital at the time, so first we decided to go with lithography. We had a lot of problems with litho labeling, from high costs, to quality issues, to logistics challenges”. Struggling to meet specific client needs, they decided to switch to digital. First, they tried a company that provided a digital sheet fed solution; but once again they still did not get the print resolution, speed of supply, or capacity they needed.   

Concerned about serving their customers, Alfonso suggested he and Cesar attend the 2021 Super Corr Expo, the corrugated industry’s most prestigious annual convention, to see if they could find a solution there. That’s when, via a mutual industry connection, they were introduced to Adrian Quigg, Director of Business Development for GP Hummingbird®. Cesar says, “At first we were reluctant because we had negative experience with digital printing.” They quickly learned that GP Hummingbird offered a different kind of digital technology, digital preprint. It also became apparent that GP Hummingbird could supply digital sheets via its digital supply chain solutions approach, so they decided to give it a try. In under a week of signing an NDA and supplying art files, they received printed samples from GP Hummingbird with a marked difference not only in the speed of delivery, but a noticeable improvement in print quality and resolution. As Cesar said, “Hummingbird came in very, very supportive of our need for speed”    

A transformation in their business began with this new value proposition and grew with the positive relationships developing between Daylight Corrugated and GP Hummingbird’s highly responsive process. Daylight Corrugated is a family business and GP Hummingbird was quickly becoming like part of the family.   

One of Cesar’s customers had turned down a previous quote for digital due to the issues experienced at that time. Cesar decided to try again using the GP Hummingbird solution. “And that’s when we started winning a lot of new electronics business,” he said. They were awarded several new SKUs for a major computer manufacturer “And since we told our customers we are using an HP technology even more doors started to open,” he added.   

Now, when Cesar is presenting their family business to existing or prospective clients, he presents Daylight Corrugated as a high-graphics, digital capable solutions partner with GP Hummingbird, informing all that… “I could not be any happier with our relationship”.