With speed and agility, Hummingbird™ digital print solutions for packaging delivers magnificent graphics and a print-on-demand capability, with no need for lithographic labels or flexographic plates. With the flexibility of printing what you want, when you want it, Hummingbird enables you to expand and enhance your brand experiences while reducing obsolescence, optimizing your supply chain, and getting products to market faster.


No market is too big or too niche. As an industry-leading solutions provider, Hummingbird empowers more possibilities to companies of all sizes.


GP Hummingbird’s aqueous digital pre-print innovative solution offers many compelling sustainable advantages for packaging and its customers:

  • Use of aqueous ink (free of UV reactive chemistries)
  • Use of aqueous pre-coats and post-coats (i.e. overprint varnishes)
  • Reduces production waste and tooling costs
  • Reduces obsolescence waste
  • Provides efficiency to supply high quality print across a widely distributed corrugating / converting network
  • Provides other printing process improvements and improved recyclability